Green Teachnology

The company adheres to the green and sustainable development strategy, and actively implements mine ecological restoration, production energy conservation and consumption reduction, resource recycling, and agricultural weight loss and efficiency through technological innovation and continuous investment.

Promote the green development of the whole industry. Under the framework of "3+3+N"

The company is highly integrated in resources, industry, agriculture and services and is committed to continuous improvement in resources and the environment.

Adhering to the policy of “integration of development and protection”, the Company proactively supports the sustainable development of economy and society with the minimal mineral resources consumption while preserving the mineral resource and protecting the ecological environment.
As of 2017, five mines of Yuntianhua have been rated as the national green mines in China. Rewarded as the “National Advanced Unit in Land Reclamation” and “National Advanced Unit in Land Reclamation Environmental Protection”, the Company’s Phosphate Chemical Group started vegetation reclamation for the mine since 1984, with an accumulated area of over 3,133.33ha.
The Company proactively advocates the “green and full recycling” development mode for the phosphorus industry, and has successfully tackled the universal challenge of industrialization of medium- and low- grade colloidal phosphate ore flotation. The phosphate ore utilization rate of the Company is higher than 97%, pushing the Company to a technically leading position in the world. Thus, Yuntianhua offers cleaner phosphate fertilizers, which can be easily absorbed by crops.

Green manufacturing is a modern manufacturing mode which fully considers such factors as environmental impact, product quality, resource consumption, production efficiency and labor conditions. The Company has established an efficient, clean, low-carbon and circular green manufacturing system, in a bid to build it a benchmark of the green transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and to enhance its core capabilities in international competitions.
In 2016, the Company was awarded the Certificate of “Safety, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development” issued by the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA);
In 2017, seven branches and subsidiaries of the Company became the first batch of enterprises in China that earns the environmental protection and sustainable product management certification (PS certification) of IFA;

In 2017, its Tianan Chemical and Sanhuan Zhonghua were awarded the titled of “Green Plants in the Petroleum and Chemical Industries”. Among them, Sanhuan Zhonghua was rated as “the First Batch of Demonstration Enterprises in Green Manufacturing in 2017” by MIIT, vividly demonstrating the Company’s integrated advantages in such aspects as environment, energy consumption, quality and safety.

Quality and safety of fertilizers are important factors that affect the agricultural income and food safety. As the world’s best phosphate and nitrogen fertilizer manufacturer, Yuntianhua is the leading institute in drafting green product standards for diammonium phosphate and urea, which started its R&D and application of green fertilizer products in 2016.
Equipped with the raw material and product substance identification and analysis system, the Company keeps upgrading its purification technologies, production control scheme and testing mechanism, enhances the R&D and application of such new products as neutral fertilizer, organic matter and biological bacteria, restores and protects the soil, thus promoting the sustainable development of agriculture.
Following the principle of “minimum energy resource consumption and minimized ecological environmental impact”, the Company proactively implements the green management throughout the life cycle of the product, develops and produces safe, energy-saving, eco-friendly, low-consumption and efficient products. So far, 18 product series of the Company have won the title of “Green Products in the Petroleum and Chemical Industry ”.

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